Lines of cars waiting to get into the city. Mel, a 4 year burner, and truck driver in the "default world" unlocks peoples cars as a gift to people in the city. He also enjoys dance parties and came with his wife this year for the first time.
 A man rides his bike during one of the many naked bike rides. Nudity in the city is by no means mandatory, both the clothed and unclothed are welcome.
 A group of people hang out on a large wooden chair that was built on the playa. The chair was also burnt at the end of the week.
 Impulse and April both second year burners shield themselves from a dust storm while sitting in the middle of the playa. People wear goggles and dust masks to help prevent themselves from getting dust into their orifices.
 In the medical tent Princess Palmer gets her foot rapped up by Mike Seopa a first year Burning Man EMT. Palmer fell off an art car earlier in the day.
 Two people perform a type of dance yoga in center camp, an area that is always open 24 hours a day, and that sells coffee, displays art and has two stages for constant performances.
 A man with a mega phone yells to the crowds of bunnies during a march.
 Matt Rosen gets sprayed with a vinegar sprayer in the top of an oriental themed art bar in the middle of the playa. The soil dries your skin quickly and vinegar can help it protect your skin from the harsh conditions.
 A couple held on to an electrode which would shock them when their lips made contact.
 A nude man in a cowboy hat asks an EMT for a place to sit.
 A man hugs a another man known as "fuzzy bunny". Fuzzy bunny wears this blue bunny costume for the course of the week.
 A young boy sprays a woman with a water sprayer as a giant chair burns.
 Jacks 2 years old touches a hat at Burning man.
 A dance party at Burning Man.
 A group of bikers rides around the outskirts of the camp at dawn.
 A view of the temple right before its burn on sunday night. The temple cost over 150,000 dollars to build, 85,000 were donated by burning man, and then rest comes from outside donations. Over the course of the week people write messages on the temple walls about people that have passed away, issues they are going through and other troubles.
 The main temple at burning man burns.
 After the mans structure has burnt completely to the ground, the thousands of people surrounding the man then come rushing in towards the fire.
 After the final structural elements of the temple fall the crown slowly walks towards the flames.
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